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Why parents favor PushCoin?

Being a parent is hard. Being a working parent is even harder.

Funding and monitoring our children lunch accounts ought to be quick and easy. To help parents, schools rely on PushCoin for lunch payments and school online sales. It gets better yet — with our technology, schools run more efficiently saving money for their communities (more)

Our Story


Year 2016, the PushCoin founders Slawomir and Anna Lisznianski together with their sons, Lucas and Milosh.

The founders of PushCoin, Anna and Slawomir, met on the Internet Relay Chat over 20 years ago when the internet was still incubating. Their families emigrated from Poland — hers settled in Chicago, US and his in Calgary, Canada. In 1997, Anna and Slawomir married and began a family. When it was time for their first child to go to kindergarten, they moved to the suburb of Geneva, IL. Slawomir commuted to downtown Chicago for his job as a software engineer at Citadel, an American global financial institution; Anna opened an interior design and a women's shoe boutique in Geneva. In 2012, Slawomir left his job at the peak of his career and together with Anna started PushCoin.

The premise behind their startup was a secure, kid-friendly mobile payments platform that allowed parents and children to make purchases at amusement parks, resorts, and festivals. After the successful pilot at a few local restaurants and Wheaton Academy, a private high school in West Chicago, IL, Anna and Slawomir saw the fit for PushCoin in school cafeterias. They quickly discovered that vendors in the school payments processing space lagged in their technology offerings.

In 2013, Geneva CUSD #304, a K-12 public school district, was the first to adopt PushCoin for its lunch and online payments. Word quickly spread and PushCoin began replacing cafeteria systems, online stores, and student fees management solutions at some of the largest school districts in Illinois.

Today, PushCoin is among the fastest growing cloud technology platforms used by students, parents, and schools for easy and secure payments.

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